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How to decorate your own by our stamps
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Often people do not believe that to make your unique interior can be easy ! And the word unique associated with expensive. With our stamps you can create your unique space with little financial costs. You buy your favorite set of stamps, which includes everything you need: a trough with a special foam pillow for the paint markings for accurate targeting print , stamp and instructions. Just select the paint , but the appropriate color combinations we recommend , thus facilitating the selection process.
Few words about your wall . The wall must be either in a smooth state , or it can be glued white paintable wallpaper , the most suitable is flizelin wallpaper , they are eco-friendly and smooth . Wall is ready - begin the process !
In this example, involved a two-colored stamp . Two-colored stamp is different from the one-colored that in creating such impression should participate 2 stamps , firstly we seal the wall with one color and after drying (about 30 minutes) impose a second color . Two-colored stamp comes bundled with 2 die immediately, if you are looking for such position than select a position in our online store there is a marker "Two-colored".


1.This is how whole set looks like.


2. Two-colored set, includes two stamps.


3. By using tray pre pouring paint into it we put the stamp repeatedly push on it.


4. Look on its surface and make sure that the stamp has absorbed enough paint. For beginners, we recommend to take test prints on paper before starting to print on the wall.


5. Transfer the image to the wall. To produce high-quality images before each imprint recommend put stamp in tray with paint.


6. After the first part of a two-color image of the stamp printed, stamp necessarily rinse in warm water, as if you were washing the roller untill clear water, and wash our tray and mat, pour the second color, smooth it on the mat, take a second and do the stamp with him all the same that the first stamp. Preview of the first stamp should dry out, it may take 10 to 30 minutes. Gradually, imprint the second color.


7. With one set of stamps you can get an endless array of colorfully sets

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