Wallpapers for creativity and growth
09.04.14 /
Developing interactive wallpaper for children has long appeared on the market and even become popular. There are variety of options for creativity. Our colleagues from other countries offer their own versions, and we do not lag behind and offer your own.

On a photo wallpaper from French studio 5.5 Designers







In the next photo wallpaper coloring from the British company Mini Moderns



We have developed a series of didactic Wallpaper and Wallpaper-colorings and offer them to you and your children. You can select them in our catalog section for children learning wallpaper

Coloring wallpaper "Cyclists"



Wallpapers Coloring "For Boys"



Fragment of wallpaper "For Boys"



Coloring Wallpapers "For Girls"


Fragment of wallpaper "For Girls"




Wallpaper "Connect the figures and paint!"



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