Interieur 2012 Design Biennale, Kortrijk Belgium
20.10.12 /
20-28 October 2012 we have introduced the project "Patternmaker" in Belgium

The software “Patternmaker” was created by studio “Stereooboi” (St.Petersburg, Russia) to 
provide any user with a powerful tool for creating various repeating images (patterns). You 
instantly create and look through a vast dynamic variety of different compositions s if you’re 
looking into a kaleidoscope. In just a few minutes you’ll get diversity of professional patterns 
without necessity know much about graphic design and design software. It’s an easy-to-use 
tool, which enables you to create colourful eye-catching images that can be used in production 
of textiles for both clothes and furniture. Wallpapers? Why not?! Make a designer pattern your 
competitive advantage! If you produce print media materials, you will be ahead of the game 
with the ability to create awesome designer images for posters, leaflets, post-cards or packaging. 
Images created in “Patternmaker” will help you make any items around much brighter and even 
turn them into works of art. This is a great way to colour your everyday life!


We have created a dynamic install the columns of the mirror and the plasma panel, which was shown the video. Video was recorded during a Patternmaker. Whimsical and colorful patterns we got working with our subjects loaded in Patternmaker, are specially drawn for this program.



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