Interactive and informative exhibition
Author interactive and informative exhibition "Dialogues of forgotten things."
30.07.16 / Dubrovskaya Nastya
The exhibition "Dialogues of forgotten things" continues its journey through the cities of Russia!

July 25 was the opening of the exhibition "Dialogues of forgotten things" in Kostomuksha, indoor Reserve visitor center "Kostomukshskiy"!

This project is non-commercial, designed and manufactured the forces of the authors. Authors of the project: Anastasia Dubrovskaya, Skritsky Andrew



At the exhibition "Dialogues of forgotten things" we have created an eco-room where all the furniture, fixtures, windows, toys made of materials intended for recycling, but received a second life. In this room there are classes on environmental education, in which children make toys out of the garbage, according to the program devised by Nastya Dubrovskaya.




















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