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Walls decorating "Экообои" or Stamps for creating hand made wallpapers

Since 2007 Company " Stereooboi " design and implement new ideas for your walls.

Responding to a request - to make wallpaper with a high level of ecology and expressive, the project was born under the name "ЭКООБОИ" in english it is: "EcoWallpapers " or stamps for decorating the walls. This project combines high artistic realization and absolute environmental friendliness. Everyone can participate in the creation of wallpapers for you. We offer a tool for creating wallpaper, and finished goods. With our stamps you 'll be able to make your walls as impressively, with small financial cost , and the most important thing is that these wallpapers will be completely environmentally friendly. You do not have to hang wallpaper for painting, you can use your wall in the form in which they have now, just create a general tone - white or whatever, inflict pattern on the walls and wallpaper are ready! Each image is hand made - individual and not repeated. You can also order this service from us, or just buy a ready-made wallpaper made by our hands.


Ура! Музей открыт!

6 декабря 2014 год наш музей был открыт и начал активную работ. Приходите и Вы!